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Spiritual Coaching Trainings

Level 1, Fundamentals

Would you like to learn how to...

• Deeply empower others in most of your conversations?

• Enjoy receiving a good income for your ability to help people change their lives to their hliking.

• Share the tools you have learned to liberate yourself from your long-standing issues to help many others get free of their issues as well.

These possibilities and many, amany more can become reality by learning Spiritual Coaching.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing fields today mainly because most people learned to compromise their passion and principles in their career or relationships. We were programmed to give up our own deepest creativity to do what our parents and teachers wanted us to do. Then later in our lives, we find ourselves deeply unfulfilled and without adequate reward.

Instead of telling you what you should do, a coach gets you back on track with following through with what you have always wanted to do but hadn’t had the courage, focus, know how, or support before. A good coach will remind you that you have everything it takes to have the career, relationship, and abundance of your dreams.

Coaching is my passionate profession. I guide my clients through the entire creative process of dreaming, attracting, and molding their ideal life into form. I am a Spiritual Coach as my masters degree is in spiritual psychology. For my own healing and empowerment, I’ve studied several liberating spiritual philosophies and methods, many of which I practice regularly.

Why Spiritual Coaching?

When I mention the word “Spirit”, I do not mean some far out, new age magic. I am talking about your core aliveness. A live person is one that has a spirit. A corpse does not!

Spiritual Coaching holds the agenda of supporting your greater aliveness, which involves recognizing your Soul as having infinite potential. As we focus on your infinity and the expression of it, you give yourself permission to live without limits.

In this weekend intensive you will study 30 basic skills of spiritual coaching, most of them experientially. Among these, you will learn the Self Liberation Method for yourself and others to get permanently free of self-criticism and claim -in your body - your infinite potential, especially in those areas of your life you have not felt it. As a result you will see yours and others self-esteem improve around your biggest life challenges -- if you are willing.

This class is the foundation of Spiritual Coaching curriculum that includes the three main branches of Life Coaching (Fullfillment, Balance, and Process) as taught by the Coaches Training Institute. It is the prerequisite to begin coaching a 12 week Men’s or Women’s Liberation Circle.

The location is in Sausalito at a beautiful facility. The following tuition is for 16 hours of instruction, most of it experiential: $220 if paid before August 15. $280 if paid afterwards.

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