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Joa's Miracle Coaching includes...

• A 1 hour coaching session each week via phone, skype, or if local - in person.

• Unlimited email correspondence.

• Weekly homework that keeps you moving upscale with your most fulfilling goals.

• Joa's e-book(worth $15): Got Energy: Raise Your pH - Resurrect Your Life - with 3 month committment.

144 Conscious Language Decrees (worth $21) in a silk bag handmade in Nepal (with 3 month committment.) Pick your color.

• Joa's Energy Oracle for divining answers from your higher Self to gain greater clarity about your direction.

• Many Spiritual-psychological tools including:

• Visioning for discovering your highest vision and mission, and how to begin.

Conscious Language for manifesting victorious outcomes through the way you speak.

Joa's Emotional Healing Method for clearing negative self-criticism for the last time.

Mind Mapping and the Manifestation Method for attracting your dream life.

Conscious Breathing for increasing your presence and brain performance and releasing stress.

Your progress will be subjectively measured by scoring your level of fulfillment in 8 sectors of your life; and, objectively by measuring your body's pH. You body pH is an indication of the amount of electrical activity that is happening in your body and brain. As you raise your pH, you will find your your whole life upgrading to higher levels because your natural energy level will be climbing to your zone of magic and miracles!

Experience Joa's 1 hour sample miracle coaching worth $100 for $10.


E-mail joa(at)miraclecoach(dot)com (Joa writes the email this way to avoid spam.) Suggest some time during the next three days that you are available to receive a session. Or, call 415-200-9532.


Making A Payment

One 1 hour Miracle Coaching session. For those who need a breakthrough on occasion.

Price Determined by Annual Income

Subscription for Weekly Coaching Paid each month

(A subscription involves a 3 month minimum commitment.)

$370/month - High Income (Over 50K)


$280/month - Middle Income (25K to 50K)


$230/month - Low Income (Under 25K)

"Can't Afford Coaching?"

Bless you, as you may have a case of the "I can't's - a completely curable condition. I recommend that you work on removing "can't" from your vocabulary and start saying with feeling: "I CAN! I CAN I CAN over and over, like the book:"The Little Train That Could."
Treat coaching like food, and you will shift your life from mere survival to thriving. And if it so happens that you are very impressed by our first session, and the money has yet to show up to continue, you can refer my work to others, and this earns you huge discounts and free sessions!

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