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What Clients Say

“Joa’s coaching helped me ground my true purpose and achieve goals that I never before dreamed possible.” — Sue S. (Entrepreneur)

"Joa's insight has often challenged me, but he continually encourages me to reach higher. And through it all he has communicated with honesty, kindness and compassion." — Dawn G. (Executive)

"I found Joa's methods uplifting, insightful, and keenly accurate. Joa works from his heart, first and foremost, which I believe is the basic foundation of anything quality. His love of what he does and the clients he works with, is profoundly evident and preciously rare." — Jill S. (Writer, actress)

"Joa helped me make a major life transition that was scary to do, but has turned out to be a very important step and a big success." — Michael S. (Counselor)

I have worked with Joa for over a year. With his guidance I have been able to overcome many of the most deeply painful issues of my life. This ranged from childhood experiences to difficult relationships and memories of hurt and heartbreak I’ve had in my adult life. I have made many major breakthroughs this past year in large part due to Joa’s support and loving presence. I am very grateful for his integrity and open-mindedness, which has allowed me to be vulnerable as we explore my beliefs together. He has helped me to forgive myself and to drop a lot of emotional baggage that I was only vaguely aware I was carrying. It is always clear to me that he cares deeply about my emotional and spiritual well-being and that he always approaches his work with love. In addition I can count on him to advocate the high road whenever I feel like blaming or acting the victim. As my life coach he takes a very holistic approach to all areas of my life and I feel that I can talk to him about all aspects of life from my personal relationships to my career concerns. In spite of being highly intuitive and spiritually focused, he is also very down-to-earth and effective at developing action plans for me to to do each week. I look forward to our weekly sessions, which have also been a space for me to come home to myself. In addition he is totally dedicated to being there for me in between our sessions, which I have come to very much appreciate and relied on during some tough moments this year. I am very fortunate to have Joa as my coach and for me the journey has been much warmer and more loving because of him." ~ Vanessa L.

"Joa Marcu is just what I needed (probably a year ago!). I am a participant in his Mastermind group, and we have a diverse group. Each of us is looking for change in completely different areas of our lives,
and we are very different individuals. Joa has brought us together and facilitated growth within each of us, so much, that we all agreed unanimously and without hesitation to continue for a second session with him! His insight is amazing. And, he has a way of bringing a level of professionalism and focus when dealing with our group as we move through sometimes emotional and positive changes. I highly recommend Joa Marcu if positive growth is your agenda!"
—Rene J. (Sales, Entrepreneur)

"Joa has a way of getting to the root of the issue at hand. He is very helpful with suggestions that are both intuitive and practical. His guidance is invaluable for those at a crossroads." —Maria C. (Executive)

"The processes Joa will teach you are highly effective. They really work!! I was highly optimistic going into the mastermind experience, but the group work was far more effective than I anticipated. Joa's perspective and insight was extremely valuable to me; working with him as the facilitator of a group with other people who are moving toward living their dreams impacted my life quickly and deeply. This is truly trailblazing work, and my life is so much better because of this mastermind group. This group experience will give you the pragmatic tools you need to change your life and live your dreams." - K. M. Curtis (Mother and Entrepreneur)

"Growing up, Joa met me where I was at. He guided me along my own path, inspiring my natural desire to learn. This made him the best father I could ever ask for." – Matthew

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